Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tearing Down the Walls

The day after Trump became president my daughter went to school crying because she was sure her Hispanic friend would be sent back to Mexico.

That very day at the bus stop a group of kids were chanting "build that wall" over and over to a group of Hispanic children.

Families and children are afraid and confused. People are being bullied, mistreated and abused.

This hate has got to stop. It seems hate is being encouraged these days.

Here is a novel idea. Instead of building new walls of exclusion, how about we tear down some existing ones.

There are many groups of people that have walls they need to get over in order to be accepted.

Just to name a few: those with mental illness, those with disabilities, those with addiction issues, minority races, the LGBTQ community, those of different religious beliefs, those that participate in social programs and more.

America is a melting pot. It was meant to be a place of acceptance for all people. This is not the America I see today. It is not what it should be. ALL of us need to start to tear down these walls that separate us instead of creating new ones. Although they are invisible, they are a barrier as strong as any physical wall could ever be.

Can we love all people? Can we accept those that are not like us? Can we see and try to understand their struggles? Can we include them? Can we give it a try?

Let's all do that. Let's start today!