Pricilla I agree. They have a purpose
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Jamie Me neither!
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Carla I have been told up to 103....anything higher can cause encephalitis and possibly damage. Several medical professionals told me this, including my son's surgeon and specialist when he was suffering from chronic ear infection and swollen adenoids causing frequent fevers, sometimes high.
Otherwise I agree.
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Liz Normal fevers won't. Even high ones. There is a thing put out by CDC that was posted in my Pediatrician's office saying fevers causing brain damage is a myth
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Liz MYTH: Fevers above 104 degrees F are dangerous. They can cause brain damage.
FACT: Even fevers with infections don’t cause brain damage on their own. Only temperatures above 108 degrees F can cause brain damage.

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Carla I go w what my trusted med professionals say. I treat if 103 for 12 hrs or more and treat for pain/headaches. I try natural methods first, and advil/Tylenol if needed
The problem with the myth/fact statements is that they are blanket statements and each body will react differently, I would rather treat than take a chance. Also, encephalitis (brain swelling) can happen at high temp. It may not be common but it is a risk when allowing a fever to spike too much. Also, once a fever reaches 104 it can quickly rise to a dangerous level, I'd personally not risk it hitting above that.
It is my choice as a parent to listen to multiple docs I know and trust, rather than me memes or net articles. I am not doing harm by treating at 103.

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Liz My Pediatrician's office goes by the same rules on that website. I do treat high fevers for comfort, but only to sleep. High fevers run in our family, so every fever they've had is over 102, and my daughter's are typically 104-105 for days, up to a week. No brain damage:)
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Liz Dangerous is 108 or higher.
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Liz You will NEVER do harm by treating a fever. Treating a fever only prolongs the infection, doesn't cause harm, on its own. The article is from a Children's Hospital, with experts, and the same Myth Fact rules the CDC listed at my Doctor's office. You act like I'm "listening" to someone with no medical expertise like a mom blogger or something. Sheesh! I just didn't have time to find the CDC guidelines.
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Liz Here's one from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the same list above, and the one at my Doctor's office.

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Carla I never said u were....why so argumentative just bc I listen to my doctors?
I have had a 104.6 fever....have you? I was delirious and it was scary and I have rarely felt so shitty. The ER nurses demanded that I be checked. I already said that I make a bit of a different choice and you are welcome to why all the checking for articles to prove yourself "right"? I highly doubt you just happened to have them already so that means you went looking. And like I said, every single persons body handles things differently. Chill.

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Liz "It is my choice as a parent to listen to multiple docs I know and trust, rather than memes or net articles". Who does this? And if not me, who were you referring to that does? If it didn't apply to me then it didn't need to be said. I am very educated and, having done research myself, know the importance of info that is from experts who have done professional research. Yes. I had 105 in elementary and was very delirious. I was making no sense. I said I treat for comfort, only at night. I never said never treat a fever. And of course you can do whatever you want. You are the parent. I never told anyone what to do. Just said what I do. The "chill" comment was unnecessary. I am chilled. Just presenting the facts. I, too, thought fevers over 105 could cause brain damage until I saw the info from my pediatrician a couple weeks ago.
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Liz Oh, also the info about fevers not causing brain damage is newer. Many doctors may go by the old "rules". They previously thought lower fevers could cause brain damage or consider 105 to be "very high". There was never a number put on it difinitively until recently. They just said "very high fevers can cause brain damage"
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Liz Also, I know what encephalitis is. Who doesn't?
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Carla You couldn't have dropped it in the beginning when I said basically "I choose a little different but otherwise agree" ??
And saying I will go w my docs....
Why keep posting and arguing?
Why fucking post on FB if you can't hear a differing opinion without trying to change ppl minds?????

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Liz I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. And I'm not arguing. You insinuated I am listening to "memes and net articles". Lol. Just clarifying. It's nice to hear differing behavior based on the same information. I like it. I feel like people are taking it personally if they choose to do differently. I only posted the thing for education about something I had no clue about a couple weeks ago, and thought other people also might not know.
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Liz I didn't hear agreement on your original response. I heard " doctor said..."(disagreement ). I'm happy to hear what works for you. And I know you don't overmedicate. You never even needed to tell me that, because I know you are responsible with meds. I personally don't know enough about meds to know what to do, really. So I don't use them often at all.
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Liz I could tell that, like me, you had not heard the more recent guidelines, just what your particular doctors said. And yes, you should go by who you trust. I never said you did anything wrong, and was not trying to convince you. I just thought it was interesting and thought you may too, because it was obvious that, like me, you hadn't seen the guidelines by AAP. I'm sorry you felt attacked or like I was trying to change your mind or weren't allowed to have another opinion. I wasn't and of course you are. Love you!
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Judy We don't treat fevers either unless they're especially uncomfortable.
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Liz Me too, at night only to sleep because it can cause dehydration and my kids have had nightmares, or couldn't sleep.
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Heather  When T was 8 had pnemonia and 105 fever and I called the nurse line (Mayo Clinic) they told me the only reason to treat any fever under 106 is to stop them from getting dehydrated. If a child is able to drink enough it doesn't need to be treated. Brain damage does not happen until 106 from fever, even seizures with a lower one cause no permanent damage. He said to just find underlying cause at the clinic so it can be treated if necessary. It was Friday and they even said to wait until Monday and ER was unnecessary. It was bacterial so he got antibiotics that Monday. He lived to tell about it even with no treatment for an entire week. Monday-Friday he just had a lower fever that came and went so I didn't even know he was so sick until Friday when his fever spiked. When I felt terrible when I found out it was pnemonia the clinic told me it wouldn't even have shown up on xray as bacterial until at least Friday if even then. Possibly not. Because of that experience fevers no longer freak me out.
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Liz It's actually 108.
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Liz Yeah. I guess Mayo Clinic and American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't know what they are talking about.
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Heather Holter  Mayo Clinic told me 106, but it was 5 yrs ago. New research is probably 108.
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Carla She's just feeling esp argumentative today one is allowed an opinion that doesn't gel w hers.
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Liz Lol. No, not argumentative. I just read the 108 at the doctors office in the last few weeks. I was alarmed too, because it used to be lower.
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Liz And OF COURSE people are "allowed" to have differing opinions. I have always said, and many times in this post, people can think and do whatever they want. This is not an "opinion" matter. I am only presenting what I just found out. People can do withit whatever they want to. If they feel like medicating even a low grade fever, go for it. I did it recently. My daughter felt crummy and didn't even have a temp high enough to be considered a fever. But she was miserable and dizzy and wanted to go to school, and was allowed per school guidelines. So I gave her Tylenol and let her go.
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Carla I am just wondering why all the extra sources when someone feels differently. Seems excessive. No one said they didn't believe u so no real need for it

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Emily I guess I don't understand what the big deal is. I know that I personally feel pretty darn crappy if I have a fever of any sort, and taking some motrin or tylenol makes me generally feel better. Why would I not want to help my kid feel better? And on the flip side, why is it any of my business whether or not you treat a fever, or your business if I do? I'm just curious?
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Liz Just a lot of people think fevers are, in and of themselves, dangerous. They aren't. Uncomfortable, yes. Which is why I treat at night. Just treating a fever can prolong an illness. The fever kills the bacteria or virus. If treated, it isn't allowed to do its job. Of course it is everyone's prerogative to do whatever they want. I never told anyone what to do. Just presenting info people may not know. I didn't until a couple of weeks ago. Even doctors offices are saying fevers don't necessarily need to be treated. And Tylenol can actually be deadly. I know someone who almost died from a related drug last year.
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Liz American Academy of Pediatrics and Mayo Clinic even say it isn't necessary.
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Carla Tylenol is only deadly if given in wrong doses or excessively (I have taken one small doses of it daily for 4 yrs so MORE than that obvs)
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Liz Some people have violent reactions to it. If they never have, they never will. This particular case, it was after a dental procedure and used the meds correctly. Very responsible people who rarely take meds of any kind. Then this one time he did, he was hospitalized for weeks and almost died. I'm not making up a story to make my case.
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Liz Kind of how flu shots are considered safe, but our mailman almost died from it.
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Carla Maybe specify the rarity of the case then....saying Tylenol can be deadly is kind of misleading. For me prednisone is deadly, but not for a vast majority of the population.
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Jennifer When my kids were younger(In the early/mid 90's) I heard a myth that applying a slice of an onion on the bottom of their foot sucked the fever/heat out-my kids were rarely sick but once I tried it and it actually worked....Tylenol made my kids throw up so this was a good alternative. For me. I'm not a dr and not telling anyone what to do.
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Liz Right. Me neither. Just sharing info I recently found out.
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