Friday, May 29, 2015

School's Out-Summer Playlist

It's the last day of school! YIPPEE! Time to rock out to some great summer Jams!

                   Happy Summer Everyone! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Romantic Getaway on a Budget

Most parents are so strapped for cash they don't even dream of taking a trip unless it is a family one.When you think of a romantic getaway you probably think of flying to some exotic location, staying at an expensive resort, with expensive restaurants and expensive tourist attractions. It doesn't have to be this way.

My husband and I took our first trip without kids last June and we had such a great time, we decided it would be worth doing every year, so we are doing it again this June. We learned a few tricks to make it possible and not break the bank.

1. Drive, don't fly. Go somewhere 5-10 hours away so you don't spend money on air fare.

2. Get relatives to babysit. My kids go to my in-laws so there is no child care expense.

3. Skip tourist locations. Go to somewhere that isn't a typical tourist attraction. We like to stay near a lake and in a natural setting.

4. Get a standard room at a chain hotel. Suites can cost double what a standard room does, so you can save a lot this way. Get fresh cut flowers to make it special.

5. Look for places with free breakfast. We always eat free breakfast, pack a lunch, and eat out for dinner. This saves a bundle.

6. Skip drinks at dinner. Drinks can cost half the meal price. Instead get a bottle of wine for the room afterward.

7. Take a four day weekend instead of a whole week. This gives you the break you need at only half the cost. Plus it only requires using two vacation days.

8. Find free or inexpensive things to do. We go hiking or walking on the beach. State/National parks are great for this. If you go enough in one calendar year, buy the yearly pass for your states parks and see them all for one low price.

9. Skip the souvenirs. Take pictures instead of buying trinkets.

10. Spend time in the room reconnecting and sleeping in. This is important uninterrupted time, and probably the best part of vacation!

What do you do to save money on vacation?

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Son Wears Pink Shoes and I Don't Care

What is more important to you, letting your kids have freedom of expression or wanting them to follow the gender norms that society has set? Take this quiz to find out?

T      F      Boys should not get their ears pierced.

T      F      Only girls should take ballet.

T      F      Only boys should be in Football.

T      F      Boys should not have long hair.

T      F      Girls should not shave their heads.

T      F      Boys should not wear nail polish or makeup.

T      F      Dresses are for girls.

T      F      Boys should not have dolls.

T      F      Boys don't cry.

T      F      Girls should cover up more when swimming with boys,

T      F      Girls need to do all the cooking and cleaning.

T      F      My Little Ponies are girl toys.

T      F      Trucks are boy toys.

T      F      Pink is a girl color.

T      F      Girls are not made to do manual labor.

If you answered more true than false, letting your kids have freedom of expression, regardless of what gender the behavior has been assigned to in today's society, is not that important to you. If you answered more false than true, your child's freedom of expression is more important to you than the gender norms society has set. I think boys have it the worst in this area, because people don't think much of it if girls wear boys clothes and short hair, but it is a big deal if boys wear girls clothes, and have long hair.Many people do not let their boy do typical girl things because society says it's not okay. Society decided what is okay for boys and girls, so society can change what is acceptable. If enough parents stand up and let their kids be who they are instead of trying to fit the mold, these typical girl things will become more acceptable for boys to do, because we are society! In his youth my husband painted his nails, wore eye liner, and had long hair. My son used to paint his nails and had long hair. He collects ponies and wants his ear pierced. I let him be who he wants to be without labeling it. His younger brother is now trying some typical girl things, growing out his hair and wearing pink girls shoes. I let him. I have the same rules for my kids whether boys or girls. Makeup, ear piercing, hair styles, clothes, all the same rules. More parents should stop worrying about society and start thinking about what makes their kids feel more comfortable with who they are. If they learn before adolescence how to avoid doing things just to fit in, maybe they will be able to avoid some of the things teens are pressured to do. They won't just do something because everyone else is. Kids being allowed to be who they are teaches them how to not care so much what others think of them and not to do things just to fit in. My oldest boy got very good at telling people he didn't care what they thought of him, and that he just liked his hair long. I think it's pretty cute on him too!

Tell me what you think. Do you have the same rules about appearance for your boys and girls?

Monday, May 18, 2015

I Love Recital Day:Here's Why

There are a lot of people that don't have dancers that often wonder why we dance moms love dance so much, especially recital day. There are just so many reasons that far outweigh all that is invested by us. recital day is my very favorite day of the year for my girls. Yes it is expensive, hectic, time consuming, and hair and make-up is a pain, but it is all worth it for me when it is their time to shine.

  • They get to be princess for a day.
  • They get to play dress up.
  • They get to feel special.
  • They get attention.
  • They get to feel what it is like to be on stage. 
  • They get to show their dancing skills.
These kids work hard all year to learn a routine just for the five minutes they are on stage. They benefit in so many ways from being in dance that they don't even realize.

  • They have fun.
  • They learn music appreciation.
  • They learn focus and discipline.
  • It is good exercise.
  • It improves flexibility.
  • It boosts self esteem.
  • It improves body image.
  • They learn to follow directions.
  • They develop good posture.
  • They learn spacial awareness.
  • It creates motivation.
  • It creates cooperation.
  • They gain independence.
  • They learn respect.
  • It improves concentration.
  • They learn responsibility.
  • It creates leadership skills.
  • It improves self confidence.
  • They learn to adapt.
  • They learn to work hard toward a goal.
Recital day is the day they have been working toward. I really feel, because of all the benefits these dancers receive, I am paying a very small price with my money and time to give them all of this! Seems like a bargain to me.

What do you think? Dance Recital-love it or hate it?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's the BFD About Swearing? I Just Don't Get It!

I have a few friends that believe swearing is inappropriate always and should never be done for any reason. I have other friends who think it is perfectly okay no matter what in any circumstance. I fall somewhere in the middle.

Here are my rules for swearing:

  • Don't swear at people/name calling.
  • Don't swear just to swear or get a reaction.
  • It is okay to swear if frustrated or hurt.
  • It is okay to swear at objects.
  • Don't swear in public places where others may be offended.

Now, I don't really think it is good for young children to swear, but I do not think it is a big deal if they hear adults swearing if they can understand the rules. Around school age is when I figure they get it. None of my kids repeat swear words, and my twelve year old even gets all bent out of shape about it. If my kids swear at 12 and over using my rules I am perfectly okay with that.

Here are some examples of my swear word usage:

  • "Shit, shit, shit, I forgot to get milk!"
  • "Pick up all this shit of the floor now or I'm putting it in the fucking trash."
  • " What the fuck dude?"
  • "UUGGGG, this damn computer is screwing up again. ASSHOLE! What the hell is wrong with the fucking piece of shit!"
  • "I can't do everyfuckingthing myself around here."
  • "FUUUUCK, that hurt!"
  • "Just get your damn homework done."
  • "Quit messing with my shit!"
  • "Why the hell can't you guys eat what I make?"
  • "Get in the damn car!"
  • "Are we just gonna stand around here with our thumbs up out asses or do something already?"
  • "Does that lady have her head up her ass or what?"
  • "I can't deal with this shit."

See, not too colorful, basic swear words, none of the raunchy ones, and not directed at people.
I am sure the kids have heard worse at school.

I think saying "I hate you" or "You're stupid" are far worse.

Tell me, do you allow swearing/swear in front of your kids, and what are your rules?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hey Mom, Thanks For the Memories!

I have a lot of great memories from my childhood, some, none of you will understand, but this one is for my mom. It is just a simple list of great things I remember from my childhood. Mom, I hope you love it! Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you!

Homemade cinnamon rolls or ping pings for breakfast

Sunday dinner

Morning snuggles

"Kitty" ribs

Kraft spaghetti

Corn eating contest

Dad and his camera

Kent Kings

Sisters taking care of me

"You little turkey"

Shoveling the lake to ice skate

Baby sister to help with

Giant Pearson's Nut Roll

Heaping spaghetti plate, "are you sure you can eat all that"

Steak always available

1/2 cup of sugar with rhubarb on the deck

Flour sack towels and popsicles

Dark wood paneling

"put this in the dirties"

Cutting holes in the drapes

Cat puke piles

Underneath the stairs

Walking on logs

Yellow plaid wallpaper

My own waterbed

"Tough beans!"

Sharing a bunk bed with my twin

Buster's birthdays

10 kids in the Jeep, seats folded down

Helping with the mail route

Swimming in the lake

Cagney and Lacey

Rented VCR

Dad's blanket

Dad's chair

Drinking the foam off  Dad's beer

Teenager's watching us

Sugar creeal

Easter egg hunts with real eggs

Santa stomping up the steps

Giving each other unapproved haircuts

Christmas jammies

The big rock

Walking on logs

Playing outside until sundown

Blasting stereo during chores

Dusting the Benji tree

Crowded pickup

M&M's in a giant ash tray at a hotel

Riding in the "alligator"

Ice cream glasses

"Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub, yay God"

Eddie and the Cruisers, Chuck Berry, Three Dog Night

Stacks of books next to your recliner

Teddy Ruxpin

"We don't do mean"

Running to Grandma's

Riding the chair lift



Cleaning closets

Wiener schnitzel

"That smells like dog farts"

Roller coaster road

County fair


Little Debbie Snacks

Going to the studio

Sledding down the big hill

Working at the store

Working at the ice cream store

Swimming lessons

Sister almost drowning

"You look like a ragamuffin"

"Home again, home again, jiggity jig"

Gravel road

The mansion


"Quit flailing your blankets"

Snack and shows after school

Long driveway

Watching for the bus

Watching you get ready

"Where's my treat?"

Lots of dogs and cats

Stacking fire wood

Ice fishing contest

Waterama, selling popcorn

Change from your purse

Certs and Velamints


Hershey's Special Dark

Charleston Chew

Cabbage Patch Dolls

Sesame Street blanket

Dinner, homework and video games at the bar

Pictionary- "No dickheads allowed"

The chore list

"There is no visor mirror"

Overflowing sewer system

Penny candy

Going to grandma Vi's

Staying at Dee's

Cow salve

Chap Stick

Turtle races

Mall of America trip

Buying star event supplies

Playing spoons with spiked Kool-Aid

Girl Scouts after school

"I'm going to Tahiti"

School shopping

The other side of the house

Frozen puppy

Friday the 13th

Chicken Pox

Washing cars

Sunday School

"Can I have your boner"

You don't need to do anything special to give your kids a great childhood, because it is the simple everyday things they will remember that made them happy! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there just doing the best they can!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Hillary for President, So What if She's Pro-Choice

Recently I posted this status “In my opinion, regardless of which political party you identify with, Hillary Clinton should be president. It would say a lot about the progress of America, especially on the heels of Obama’s presidency.” to my Facebook page.

I was then asked why.
My reply was, “If we can have a black or woman president that is progress. 50 yrs ago no one would believe it could or would happen.”

This friend then replied, “So no matter what her political position is we should vote for her because she is a woman? Any woman running you would vote for no matter what? And that's progress? That's a crazy statement!”

There was a lot of explaining and arguing in which I said I would not vote for her JUST because she is a woman, but that if she did become president, it would show progress in America.

Then another friend asked if I knew what she believes in. I told her I do not know a lot but I always research candidates closer to election time and that I never party vote.

She then piped up with, “She is a women that votes for abortion. A women that votes to kill unborn children is in no way a women I would want to be my president.”

record scratch….WAIT! WHAT!?

Checking the box Pro-Choice does not equate to checking the box Kill Unborn Children!
Are people really this uneducated and ignorant that they really think that is what Pro-Choice means?

If so, let me break it down for you.

There are 3 different groups Pro-Choice supporters fall into:

  • Those that believe abortion is okay any time, and that whatever the mother chooses is up to her
  • Those that believe abortion is okay sometimes in extreme situations such as, the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape, pregnancy would endanger the mother’s life, or in the case of severe birth defects
  • Those that believe, between illegal abortion and legal abortion, legal abortion is the lesser of two evils, and that it is more affordable and safer for the mother

All of these groups support birth control use, fertility treatments, surrogacy, and sterilization.

Those that are Pro-Life believe any abortion is wrong and should not be used for any reason. Some of them also believe birth control use, fertility treatments, surrogacy, and sterilization are never to be used.


So if the mother dies in childbirth and leaves other children behind, so what?

If the mother can’t afford prenatal care and also feeding her existing children, so what?

If the mother would suffer severe mental anguish resulting from carrying a baby produced in incest or rape, so what?

If a mother can’t have her own children, so what?

This thinking is irrational at best.

Some of them have even gone to the extreme of burning down Planned Parenthood buildings. Without Planned Parenthood many teens become pregnant and many low income women can not afford reproductive health care.

If Planned Parenthood had not existed when I was seventeen, I may have been a pregnant teen. I also had sterilization surgery after birthing five children. I am happy these services exist, and I am not sorry for using them. Planned Parenthood provides a myriad of reproductive health services to teens or low income women at no or low cost. It is not just for abortions, much like any other woman's healthcare facility. Most of them are preventative, which they would much prefer over abortion.

Let’s just say for arguments sake, abortion was illegal. It would not keep it from happening. It would happen more often, in unsafe, unsterile environments. It would also be more costly, and more people would die, including mothers. Making something illegal does not make it stop occuring.

Drugs are illegal, people still use them.
Driving under the influence is illegal, people still do it.
Speeding is illegal, people still do it.

If abortion were illegal, birth control would be next. That would result in more unwanted pregnancies and more back alley abortions.

Furthermore, what in the world does whether a candidate is Pro-Life or Pro-Choice have to do with ability to run the country? It doesn't have any connection whatsoever! NONE Why is so much emphasis placed on this issue? Abortion will exist no matter what, legal or illegal.

When voting, we need to vote for the candidate that can change the things we think are important to change, keep/give funding to places we want it to be, and keep doing the things that are working.

It is very sad that some of us think we need to follow like sheep and vote Pro-Life/Republican because the church tells us to, when we do not even know what Pro-Choice really means.

Are you going to be a sheep and follow blindly, or be a free thinker, do your research, and vote the way you want to? The choice is yours. I choose to be a free thinker. I am not a sheep.

I do not identify as either Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, because I do not believe in labels. I am a fence sitter on many issues. However, It does not really matter what I believe. I am not here to persuade you to either side, I am here to encourage you to really think about what it means to be Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, then decide how you believe based on your research, not what someone else says you should believe. Education is Power!

What do you think? Should Hillary be our next president?