Monday, May 18, 2015

I Love Recital Day:Here's Why

There are a lot of people that don't have dancers that often wonder why we dance moms love dance so much, especially recital day. There are just so many reasons that far outweigh all that is invested by us. recital day is my very favorite day of the year for my girls. Yes it is expensive, hectic, time consuming, and hair and make-up is a pain, but it is all worth it for me when it is their time to shine.

  • They get to be princess for a day.
  • They get to play dress up.
  • They get to feel special.
  • They get attention.
  • They get to feel what it is like to be on stage. 
  • They get to show their dancing skills.
These kids work hard all year to learn a routine just for the five minutes they are on stage. They benefit in so many ways from being in dance that they don't even realize.

  • They have fun.
  • They learn music appreciation.
  • They learn focus and discipline.
  • It is good exercise.
  • It improves flexibility.
  • It boosts self esteem.
  • It improves body image.
  • They learn to follow directions.
  • They develop good posture.
  • They learn spacial awareness.
  • It creates motivation.
  • It creates cooperation.
  • They gain independence.
  • They learn respect.
  • It improves concentration.
  • They learn responsibility.
  • It creates leadership skills.
  • It improves self confidence.
  • They learn to adapt.
  • They learn to work hard toward a goal.
Recital day is the day they have been working toward. I really feel, because of all the benefits these dancers receive, I am paying a very small price with my money and time to give them all of this! Seems like a bargain to me.

What do you think? Dance Recital-love it or hate it?