Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's the BFD About Swearing? I Just Don't Get It!

I have a few friends that believe swearing is inappropriate always and should never be done for any reason. I have other friends who think it is perfectly okay no matter what in any circumstance. I fall somewhere in the middle.

Here are my rules for swearing:

  • Don't swear at people/name calling.
  • Don't swear just to swear or get a reaction.
  • It is okay to swear if frustrated or hurt.
  • It is okay to swear at objects.
  • Don't swear in public places where others may be offended.

Now, I don't really think it is good for young children to swear, but I do not think it is a big deal if they hear adults swearing if they can understand the rules. Around school age is when I figure they get it. None of my kids repeat swear words, and my twelve year old even gets all bent out of shape about it. If my kids swear at 12 and over using my rules I am perfectly okay with that.

Here are some examples of my swear word usage:

  • "Shit, shit, shit, I forgot to get milk!"
  • "Pick up all this shit of the floor now or I'm putting it in the fucking trash."
  • " What the fuck dude?"
  • "UUGGGG, this damn computer is screwing up again. ASSHOLE! What the hell is wrong with the fucking piece of shit!"
  • "I can't do everyfuckingthing myself around here."
  • "FUUUUCK, that hurt!"
  • "Just get your damn homework done."
  • "Quit messing with my shit!"
  • "Why the hell can't you guys eat what I make?"
  • "Get in the damn car!"
  • "Are we just gonna stand around here with our thumbs up out asses or do something already?"
  • "Does that lady have her head up her ass or what?"
  • "I can't deal with this shit."

See, not too colorful, basic swear words, none of the raunchy ones, and not directed at people.
I am sure the kids have heard worse at school.

I think saying "I hate you" or "You're stupid" are far worse.

Tell me, do you allow swearing/swear in front of your kids, and what are your rules?