Monday, May 25, 2015

Romantic Getaway on a Budget

Most parents are so strapped for cash they don't even dream of taking a trip unless it is a family one.When you think of a romantic getaway you probably think of flying to some exotic location, staying at an expensive resort, with expensive restaurants and expensive tourist attractions. It doesn't have to be this way.

My husband and I took our first trip without kids last June and we had such a great time, we decided it would be worth doing every year, so we are doing it again this June. We learned a few tricks to make it possible and not break the bank.

1. Drive, don't fly. Go somewhere 5-10 hours away so you don't spend money on air fare.

2. Get relatives to babysit. My kids go to my in-laws so there is no child care expense.

3. Skip tourist locations. Go to somewhere that isn't a typical tourist attraction. We like to stay near a lake and in a natural setting.

4. Get a standard room at a chain hotel. Suites can cost double what a standard room does, so you can save a lot this way. Get fresh cut flowers to make it special.

5. Look for places with free breakfast. We always eat free breakfast, pack a lunch, and eat out for dinner. This saves a bundle.

6. Skip drinks at dinner. Drinks can cost half the meal price. Instead get a bottle of wine for the room afterward.

7. Take a four day weekend instead of a whole week. This gives you the break you need at only half the cost. Plus it only requires using two vacation days.

8. Find free or inexpensive things to do. We go hiking or walking on the beach. State/National parks are great for this. If you go enough in one calendar year, buy the yearly pass for your states parks and see them all for one low price.

9. Skip the souvenirs. Take pictures instead of buying trinkets.

10. Spend time in the room reconnecting and sleeping in. This is important uninterrupted time, and probably the best part of vacation!

What do you do to save money on vacation?