Friday, October 31, 2014

Common Kid Complaints

     Every day it's the same thing. It seems like the same complaints over and over, repeated daily. Here are some of my kids favorites. 

"I'm Tired" said in the morning when they do not want to get up for school. The weekends though, that's a different story. Then they are up at the crack of dawn.

"Why?" said to question the rules or the reason they need to do chores, homework or go to bed. "Because I said so that's why!"

"I don't want to...." do my homework, go to bed, feed the cats, take out the garbage..... the list goes on and on.

"My life is horrible" said mostly by my 12 yr old when he has to do things he doesn't want to like practice sax, homework, chores, or when I take away devices. Oh the horror of being a kid!

"I'm Hungry" said right after dinner or right before bed. Maybe they should have eaten when food was offered. 

"This is yucky" about any food that isn't candy or junk. I tell them "eat it or starve, you decide."

"Can I have pop?" This question is repeated daily even though they know pop is only for movie nights on the weekends. But a kids gotta try right?

"You are the meanest mom ever" said whenever they don't get their way, about anything!

"I'm not tired" said at bedtime. "That's funny, you sure were tired this morning and you didn't take a nap so...."

"I'm thirsty" said only at bedtime. I know this is just a stalling technique since at every meal drinks sit untouched and now suddenly they are thirsty? Yeah right!

I don't know if there will ever ever be a day I do not hear all of the above! Maybe the same day I win the lottery!