Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmastime Conflict

During the Christmas season, on top of all the usual fights, my children have many new things to argue about.

Christmas Tree: Everyone fights over who gets to put the star on top, ornament placement, and what the tree should be named.

Christmas Shows/Music/Movies: No matter what is playing at any given time, someone is whining that they didn't get their way and whatever is on is stupid.

Christmas Card Portraits: We go to Target Portrait Studio every year to get cards. There is much dismay over getting ready, wearing itchy clothes and driving there. Then during the session someone won't smile, another goofs around and just a lot of general uncooperativeness. Then while I chose a pose after the session, they all disappear somewhere into Target.

School Holiday Programs: Again with the whining over getting dressed up. If it is a siblings program, there is whining about having to go watch it, and bickering all through the show.

Advent Wreath: There is always an argument over who gets to light and blow out the candles. They all take turns, but it is always somehow not fair to the child whos turn it isn't.

Advent Calender: Each day someone gets to add a character to that days spot on the calender. There is a rotation, everyone gets the same amount of turns, but it is somehow not fair once again. My one daughter is sure it is never her turn. She sounds like a dying cat!

Jesse Tree: This is my least favorite. All the kids don't listen to the bible passages and talk through all of it along with the prayers. More fighting over who's turn it is to put the ornament on. My husband wants to burn the thing.

Travel: Much like all travel with kids, there is a lot of whining about it being too far, or it is not at the person's house they would like it to be at.

Gifts: I just got all the gifts under the tree. Someone's gift is bigger, someone has more, no one has enough. My dramatic girl (the same one referred to as a dying cat) doesn't want any gifts since she doesn't have enough!

Fake Wine at Christmas Eve Dinner: We always get the kids the sparkling juice that comes in a bottle that looks like wine. We call it kid wine. I measure that shit out to make sure everyone's glass is exactly equal, but to no avail, there is a belief that I gave someone "the most".

Aren't the holidays stressful enough? It's as if my kids think "Hey, let's make mom batshit crazy, and dad want to strangle us, just for fun! I don't think they have enough stress during the holidays!"

                        Happy Holidays To You and Yours!