Friday, December 5, 2014

The Perverse Plot of the Pint-Sized Pilfering Princesses

There are products disappearing from my house left and right! Every week there are items on my list that most people replace every couple months or a few times a year. I thought maybe we had a house elf but then I realized what was happening.

In the past two years my six year old twins have gotten very good at playing independently and quietly. The result of that is they have also gotten very sneaky. They have become sneaky little petty thieves. I have compiled a list of all the items they snatch and their bizarre uses for these items. I hope you enjoy it. I figure if I have to live with it I may as well entertain someone with this list!

Q-Tips: Making cute little stick figures, using lots and lots of Tape, "painting" on Paper using water in a Dixie Cup.

Tape: ^^ Walls, paper, projects, faces, to tape toys together or wrap around pens.

Paper: ^^ I save old paper that are only printed on one side for them to use, but they like to instead steal my printer paper or my notebooks. They cut bits of paper and glue it to other paper, or the obvious uses of coloring and drawing. They also like to Spray water on the paper, which makes a nice mess.

Dixie Cups: ^^ For holding wet Cotton Balls and also mystery liquids for me to find!

Spray (any type): ^^To spray anything and everything and leave it there for me to find! Enough said about that.

Cotton Balls:^^ To make boobs for their dolls!

Band-Aids: For their imaginary boo-boos or boo-boos on their "pets".

Kleenex: Barbie bedding or pillows ( a pile folded in half) for baby dolls.

Plastic baggies: To store projects or fill with water!

Pens: Only my good ones, not the free ones from local businesses! Used to write on walls or draw on paper as intended.

Baby Wipes: To do diaper changes on their dolls of course!

Lotion: To smear on any and every surface imaginable and on their dolls!

Liquid Soap: To bathe their "color me" pets. Also to destroy the bathroom in the process.

Napkins: They use these as intended, but just use way too many, because they are "used up" when they have one dot of food on them. Then they are "too yucky" to keep using. They each use 8-10 per meal.

Paper Towels: As baby blankets, after they design them with markers.

If I am ever Not out of at least one of these items I will be surprised. With them in school now they use less, so it could happen! Hey, at least they are creative, amiright?