Monday, November 23, 2015

After 13 Years as a SAHM I Reentered the Work Force

When my youngest children started Kindergarten last year I began searching for a job that would allow me to still be home when my kids are. I needed this because my husband is gone all week and many Saturdays. I want to be able to make meals for the kids, take them to their activities, and help them with homework. I soon found out that very few jobs like that exist. I didn't find a single job outside of the home that did not require evenings or weekends. Then I began searching for work at home opportunities. I did not want my own business, so that eliminated half of everything I found. The other half were eliminated because I did not meet the minimum education requirements. I had no interest in working at a school. I get very stressed out around a lot of children. Plus they are so germy. I don't even like my own kids germs.

Then, last December I found out about a home assembly job with a local factory from a friend of mine. It is 29 hrs per week. They were not currently hiring for those positions so I asked her to let me know when they were hiring again. Finally at the beginning of October she told me they were hiring. I applied and crossed my fingers. I received a call from them on October 23rd and was hired. I was very nervous to start this new venture after so many years off. I began work on October 26th.

It has been a hard adjustment for me but I feel it is the best fit for me. There are many advantages. It allows me to be here for my kids and work while they are asleep or at school. I choose the hours I will complete my work. I can make appointments for whenever I need to and make up the work at another time. It is pretty easy and self explanatory. I make extra family income. The kids see me working. I have a boost in my self esteem because I no longer feel like I am "just a mom" and that I am contribution to society. Also, working has put a lot of things in perspective for me. I don't spend much time focusing on petty inconsequential things and I find my "time off" more sacred and enjoyable. There are, however, disadvantages also. I don't find a lot of time to eat, sleep, or do activities I like to do on the days I work. I am having a hard time finding any time to write. I am tired and stressed out a lot of the time. Chores get put on the back burner until the work for my job is completed.

It seems like the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I have gotten into a good routine in the four weeks I have worked and pretty soon I am sure I will be well adjusted to the demands of being both an employee and also a mother to five school aged kids. This is going to be good! I can feel it!

Tell me, did you enter the work force after many years at home with littles, do you stay at home currently, or have you always worked? How do you make it work?