Monday, November 30, 2015

Sunday Night Shenanigans

I don't know what it is about Sunday night. It seems like no matter how early I make dinner, no matter how well I plan, it is still waaaaaaaaaay past bedtime and the kids are still awake.
There are backpacks to pack. There is laundry to fold. There is homework. There are baths that need taking.

Somehow these things take all damn night. Dinner, homework, baths, laundry, backpacks. Repeat weekly. It never gets easier and never runs any smoother.

Then it is time for snack. Then teeth brushing. This should take 10 minutes, so we start a half hour before reading time. Are they done by then? No way! Whenever we get done, we read to the girls and the older kids read to themselves.....if they ever make it that far. Usually not. Just a lot of screwing around while I read to the girls or their dad does because I am in the shower or doing some other chore.

We finish reading to the girls, a half hour after bedtime, and the older kids are still screwing around. We tell them to go to sleep. Suddenly, everyone needs to fill up their water bottles. Because they could not do this while they were having their snack???? Oh, the ice cube trays are empty. Lets fill them. Oh look, I found something I want in the fridge, lets quick eat that. Now I am sticky, I need to wash my hands!

Everyone is back into bed. The oldest girl comes out to tell me something. Something important that could not wait. Something she could not tell me the last 2 or mare days we were all together at home. It's about a video game! WOW! IMPORTANT! I am so glad you came out here to tell me that!

Then the girls NEED me to come in their room.What? Put this bunny in my backpack. OK. The other girl yells from her room next. She is scared. The other one is cold. The other one has a tummy ache. On and On and On. Back and forth. It's a contest to see which of the two has a bigger problem. 1045-still awake. Nearly 2 hours after lights out.

And this is why I hate Sunday night worse than any other night!

How do your Sunday nights work out for you?