Saturday, May 20, 2017

Thirteen Reasons Why I Hated This Show

After a never-ending slew of people either raving about or revolting against this show based on the book by Jay Asher, I decided I had better check it out to see what all the fuss was about. I have to say I was not impressed.

In the spirit of the subject, here are my thirteen reasons why.

  1. Bullying does not cause suicide. Experts agree that there needs to be an underlying issue such as abuse and/or neglect or mental in order for bullying to trigger a suicide attempt. 
  2. Hannah is a mean whiny girl. She can be just as mean as the people she accused of bullying her, including the one person who cared about her deeply.
  3. The parents blame the school. I am sorry but the so called bullying Hannah experienced was so subtle there is no way the school staff could have caught it especially since she never went to turn anyone in. Suing the school will only hurt the students left there.
  4. Most of what happened to Hannah is typical High School bullshit. These things happen to just about every high schooler at some point. Rape is the only exception. 1/4 of high schoolers have been raped and that many to not commit suicide. 
  5. What Hannah did making the tapes is vengeful and vindictive. Leaving the tapes behind is cruel, just the same as the bullying Hannah experienced. To get revenge from the grave is not right. It helps nothing.
  6. Rape does not cause suicide. If it did, 1/4 of kids would be dead. 
  7. The suicide is too graphic. There is no reason to show Hannah slitting her wrists and blood spurting out. It would have sufficed to show her in the tub with the razor blade, then a painful face, then her dead in the bloody water.
  8. Alex's suicide is not a realistic scenario. Guilt about a list would not make him do that.
  9. This show should not be touted as an educational tool. It is more for entertainment if you ask me. 
  10. The beating of Clay was just too much. I do not understand why this had to be shown. 
  11. This show glorifies drinking and drugs. The show portrays this all to be a great fun part of high school. None of it has to be. High school can be a lot of fun without drinking and drug parties. 
  12. This show glorifies rape. Showing the rapes makes it look like a fun thing to do and may turn some boys on and give them the idea.
  13. This show glorifies suicide. Hannah gets so much attention, care, tears shed over her, and love after the suicide and paints her as a heroin, so much that some teens may fantasize about all the attention they will get if they commit suicide, and it will drive them to do it. 
There you have it. My opinion about this awful show. Tell me what you thought of the show in the comments.