Friday, January 9, 2015

Five Weeks of Chaos

The holidays are crazy and it is hectic having guests and kids home for holiday break, but add kids continuously getting sick and you have complete and utter chaos! If you think things can't possibly get worse they probably will.

It all started December 5th. My husband had been working out of town and was excited to be coming home. My two youngest kids suddenly got sick before he got home. I made him a late birthday dinner that night to celebrate since he was gone that day, the 4th.

Dec 6: I took the girls to the doctor and was told it was bacterial tonsillitis. I had never heard of such a crazy thing. They were on antibiotics for five days. The diarrhea was the best part!

Dec 8: My husband went out of town for work. I was stuck here alone with all the kids. They were out of school for a teacher in service day.

Dec 11: Everyone was well so I didn't miss my oldest sons first ever band concert. I did however have to take four kids with me!


Dec 12: My youngest daughter had a fever again! My husband came home from working out of town so I went out to a movie with my sister after I dropped my oldest daughter off at a sleepover at her dance studio.

Dec 13: I woke up sick. I took ibuprofen on an empty stomach for my fever and headache and immediately threw up. I tried to wake up my husband to take my daughter to the doctor and pick up my oldest daughter from her sleepover. He would not budge. He was dead to the world. He slept in until 11! I went to get my daughter at her sleepover then sat in Urgent Care for three hours with little sicky girl. She had influenza, pneumonia, croup, and severe constipation. She was given Tamiflu, Miralax, and a corticosteroid injection. I went home to bed until the next day at noon.

Dec 14: My other two daughters get sick.

Dec 15: I took my middle daughter to the doctor. They decided against Tamiflu for her since she didn't have respiratory symptoms. That night I took all the kids to Target alone to get Christmas card pictures taken. It didn't turn out too bad considering two kids were still sick.

Dec 17:  My sister got the flu from sharing popcorn with me at the movies the day before I was even sick. She nearly missed her sons college graduation and her husband got sick and missed a lot of Christmas stuff.

Dec 18: My youngest son and middle daughter had their school program.

Dec 20: We went to my in-laws overnight to celebrate early Christmas with them. Fun was had by all. They got to see their cousins and did lots of sledding.

Dec 23: Winter break starts at noon.

Dec 24: My youngest daughter woke me up at 6 AM to tell me her twin puked. YEAH! Merry effing Christmas to me! Thanks for the present! It was a huge pile of chocolate puke on cream colored carpet. That night we went to church.

Dec 25: We had a very relaxing Christmas at home.

Dec 26: My twin sister arrived with her family to stay with us!

Dec 27: We went to my nieces house for my sides family Christmas. There was lots of food and gifts.  My twin sister announced her pregnancy. She is 38 and it is her 3rd pregnancy. Everyone cheered and my mom was speechless. After the littles were settled some of the adults played Cards Against Humanity. Everyone had a great time.

Dec 29: My middle daughter had a fever and sore throat. Since we were planning a party here on New Years Eve I took her in to the doctor for a strep test. Thank the lord it was negative.

Dec 31: We had a party here. I invited 3 families. Two could not come because of work or illness so it was just one family, ours and my sister and her kids. Her husband had left already early that morning. We had 13 kids here and everyone had a great time.

January 1: My middle daughter had a fever and sore throat again. At that point I decided that unless someone is dying we are not going to the doctor. She recovered in a day and a half.

Jan 2: I was sick overnight and woke up fine the next day.

Jan 3: My middle daughter was sick. My sister took her five year old and my three oldest kids to the movies. I stayed here to babysit her two year old and take care of my sick twins. That night my twin sister and I went to see my youngest sisters band play and met my older sister there. She was very fun to watch!

Jan 5: 4/5 kids go back to school. My husband went out of town to work. My middle daughter doesn't pee all day and has 103.7 fever. I took her to the doctor. She had 104.7 fever. They did a urine test and numbers were concerning so they did a culture and gave her antibiotics to start while we waited for results. She got a terrible stomach ache from the medication so she stopped eating.

Jan 6: My twin sister left and I snuggled little sicky girl all day. Very sad day. My sister can't come back for a year.

 Jan 7: There was a two hour late start. The middle girls fever is finally gone but she stays home to rest. The clinic called. The culture was negative for infection so we stopped the antibiotic.

Jan 8: All the kids go back to school. I finally some peace and quiet! It was a very short day. School let out at 10:45. Chaos ensued!

Today Jan 9th: There was another two hour late start. I did shopping, laundry and writing! Tomorrow we are going to a hotel for my husbands work party so I still need to pack. My husband is taking down Christmas!

Chart to explain all the chaos:

K-Kids at home
    (26 days)
S-Someone is sick
    (18 days)
D-Doctor Visit (5)
W-Husband works
     (19 days)
O-Husband out of town
    (6 days)
H-House Guests
    (9 days)
   (11 days)

Is this it or is there more chaos to come? It's Murphy's Law. If it can happen it will so I better be prepared for the worst!