Friday, February 13, 2015

OH NO!!! I'm a Hoarder!!

About a month ago I read two blogs about saving bags including I Am a Bag Lady, Are You? by The Shitastrophy. I then realized I also save bags and a lot of other things, making me a hoarder! Yikes. I try to convince myself I'm not, but I think I am. The list of things I save is ridiculously long.

Bags gift bags, plastic shopping bags, brown paper bags, handbags, and overnight bags. I have too many of all of these to even count. Half the space under the sink is taken up by plastic bags.

Paper I save every scrap of paper that has a backside unused. The half sheets I fold in half to use for lists and all the school papers the kids use to draw. I save half used notebooks and take free paper pads every time I see them. I'm sure I have over a thousand sheets and no plans to stop saving it. It will last until my death.

Boxes I save shipping boxes to use for recycling and food when traveling. I also save the boxes clothes come in at Christmas. I have hundreds!

Crayons, markers, and pens I take free pens anytime I see them at businesses and save the crayons from restaurants. I also save all the old markers and crayons the kids bring home at the end of the
school year. I have gallon Ziploc bags full of each.

Restaurant things I keep crackers, napkins, chopsticks, straws, condiments, and take-out containers. The glove box is so full of napkins it is hard to open and our silverware drawer is half chopsticks and that is not an exaggeration.

Hotel toiletries I have two gallon Ziploc bags full!

Magazines I get subscriptions I never read, they just stack up, I also accept every free trial I am offered. I have 3 full shelves of a bookshelf full of unread magazines. Some of them I moved here 13 yrs ago. I did finally throw away all the Babytalk and American Baby magazines when my youngest two kids turned five!

Receipts/Coupons At our grocery store the receipts have coupons on the back that expire every three months so I save them, long after they expire!

Credit Card Statements I have not thrown one away in 13 years, even the ones we no longer have!

Ticket Stubs, Maps etc. I save all ticket stubs and every piece of paper you get such as maps and daily schedules from any tourist location we visit, even local one we attend frequently, like the zoo or science museum! I have issues!

Water Bottles My kids win them at school, we get them free at expos etc. I could throw out the old ones when we get new ones but I keep them all. Why do we need 50 water bottles? Why???

Books I don't know why but I keep buying books I never read. I have hundreds. Again, I have a problem.

Lip Balm I order Melaleuca products every month and every time there is a new flavor or limited edition lip balm I buy it, no matter how many I already have. I currently have 17! How in hell is any one person going to use all that lip balm? It is not as if I will run out one day and all the lip balm on earth will have vanished and be unavailable! It's an addiction I think!

There you have it, 13 things that prove I am a hoarder!

                                 What do you hoard?