Monday, February 2, 2015

You Are The Other Mom

I am so forgetful, yesterday I completely spaced on an appointment I had and missed it! I didn't even call to say I wouldn't be there. WOW! What a scatterbrain I am!

I nag my kids and husband so much, they probably think I'm nuts! I sound like a real bitch!

I never follow through with punishments. I'm such a pushover!

I'm so lazy I procrastinate doing chores, then when I do decide to do them, I turn into a total headcase about it because I need everything immaculate!

When I ask for help, I feel like such a nuisance, no matter who I'm asking.

I am such a total mess!

I can't even help my kids with homework, I'm just a dumbass.

I am so pathetic!

I don't work, I'm just home all day. What a worthless slacker I am!

I am just stupid I guess!

I don't have any friends to spend time with. I am such a loser.

Whenever I speak in public I worry I'm just gonna sound like an idiot.

Sometimes I don't answer the phone when my loved ones call, because I'm just too tired. Then it takes me forever to get back to them. I suck.

When I do get back to people I feel like a total dufus because so much time has passed.

Some days my body won't cooperate so I get nothing accomplished. I'm useless.

I go to bed by 10 pm, that's how lame I am!

I am a piece of garbage, trash.

Other moms are attentive.

Other moms are smart.

Other moms are fun.

Other moms are clever.

Other moms are creative.

Other moms are strong.

Other moms are perseverant.

Other moms are awesome.

Other moms are patient.

Other moms are organized.

Other moms are generous.

Other moms are put together.

Other moms are kind.

Other moms are loving.

All the other moms have really got it together, They are so amazing! Why can't I be like them?

As moms we tell ourselves and others how awful we are and how wonderful other moms are. The truth is, You  ARE the other mom someone is saying positive things about. Is it possible for us as mothers to stop thinking and saying all the self-deprecating things and start to see ourselves the way others do? We are far too hard on ourselves. May we start to focus on our strengths as mothers and not our weaknesses? We all have strengths! Every single one of us! Let us let them shine and forget the negative we see in ourselves. We are all AMAZING MOMS in our own way! We are all in this together, doing the best we can.

Source: All of  the descriptive words in this publication are words I heard from real moms to describe themselves and others.