Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Realizations: Water Park Edition

Over the weekend our family took a trip to a water park we haven't been to in 7 years. We like water parks because it is something the whole family can enjoy. We have visited many over the years, probably twice a year. It has been over 9 months since our last water park trip, and my how times have changed! I realized many things this weekend, many of which came as a surprise to me.

1. Packing day has many ups and downs.
   Thursday I spent the day packing, grooming and taking my son to his therapy appointment. I  woke up super excited. I was at a low when my car repair place called to tell me that on top of the $1300 in repairs out poor van needed, we also needed tires. I stood in the shower shouting I HATE MY LIFE!! I had to rush through showering and shaving because of course they called just as I was standing naked ready to jump in. I was back up to a high around 2 PM when I realized I had finished packing! WOOHOO. I was back to a low when I came home from karate and shopping to a bunch of kids begging to add Minecraft to yet another device and a husband walking out the door to go on a break down call for work, and then I discovered the kids shut down the computer (which they never do) when I has 30 tabs open. I had to do bedtime alone, put away groceries, find a missing sock and a pair of shoes. and try to find all the tabs they closed on the history after they went to bed. I did not sit down until 1245 AM then waited up for my husband until 315 AM at which point I gave up.

2. Shaving for swimming is work.
   Not only do you have to shave your armpits and legs, but you need to shave your pubic area and thighs. It is no small feat, especially if you haven't shaved since January!

3. Travel with children still sucks even when you are going to a fun place.
   There was much fighting, whining, asking when we will be there etc. It's enough to give parents a nervous break down. The trip home was ten times worse than the trip there. I wanted to toss the kids in the ditch.

4. Eating out is expensive.
    We only ate out for dinner two night and we brought food for breakfasts and lunches in our room. It's a good thing because we still spent about $100 each night! I had a litte Deja Vu because we ate at the same build your own pasta buffet as we did 7 years ago. We paid for 5 kids and 2 adults. Last time we paid for one kid and 2 adults. 2 of the kids were free and the other 2 were still in the belly! We paid over double this time around even though the same people were eating (if you count the 2 belly children)!

5. I eat more often when I have nothing better to do, and I like it!
   In my usual everyday life I eat twice a day and never until at least 2. On this trip I ate every time my kids did.

6. I am willing to drink water in extremely dry conditions.
   In my everyday life I do not drink water. I drink coffee pop and alcohol, but not water. I despise  water. This place was drier than the Sahara Desert. I downed water like I was dying of thirst, and I probably was! We all ended up losing our voices and getting dry coughs.

7. I do not enjoy swimming or water slides.
   I camp out in the lazy river, hot tub, or on a chair reading. My kids think I'm weird.

8. The mirrors and bright lighting in hotel bathrooms are not forgiving.
    Seeing your reflection in the mirror while sitting on the pot is not the picture of yourself  you want to experience. Believe me, look away.  I discovered stretch marks and cellulite I was not  aware of and I am  much fatter than I thought. I discovered wrinkles, facial hair, and white hairs I  was not aware I had. On a positive note, when it completely turns white, I will have Elsa's color hair, I hope, since I only found white and no grey hairs.

9. Taking all school aged kids places is actually quite relaxing.
    I used to think trips were more work than fun, but the tables have turned! Hallelujah! I no longer  need to help anyone with their clothes, food, or baths. I no longer need to watch them the entire time they swim. I get to do what I want. Mostly sit in the hot tub or read. Night time in the room is the same. They entertain themselves while we parents enjoy more downtime. Although we never did make it up to the bar & lounge. :(

10. Unpacking is easy!     
Yep, I said it, please don't hate me. I really do not mind unpacking. It takes me an hour and does not require the level of thinking that packing does, which I totally despise!

There you have it folks! Did you discover anything new on your last trip as a family?