Friday, March 20, 2015

Who Made You The Facebook Police?

So I have this Facebook friend who constantly picks apart every single thing I post, on my own page, mind you. I can completely understand someone requesting you not to post certain things to their timeline, tag you in certain things or not to do certain things in comments on your posts. This person is so picky about that I have completely stopped tagging her or posting to her timeline, and when I comment it is one or two words. Mostly, I just like her things. I cannot, however, understand when they tell you how to run your personal or business page. It is, after all, your page.

I felt like I was the only one this happened to, so I asked around. I found out many people do not know any self proclaimed Facebook Police. They told me to delete her, but I am bot going to do that. If she cannot handle what I post she can delete me. She claims she is just trying to help whenever she brings anything up.

 Many others also said they did have Facebook Police.
These people were most often:
ex husbands
in laws

The posts they had problems with contained:
kids photos
out-dated phrases
too many links
complaining about family
depressing topics

The ways they went about letting the person know they did not like the activity were:
asking a family member to tell you they did not like it

I find this ridiculous. If you don't like something either comment on the post or scroll past. I think it is pretty cowardly to address the person in private instead of in comments for everyone to see. If you have a good point why hide your opinion. If you are too scared of what might happen if you comment you should not be saying whatever it is about the post at all. Think before you jump all over someone for what they do on their own personal page. No one is making you be anyone's friend or follow anyone's page. Delete them if you do not like what they post. I should not have to censor what I post on my own page because it may offend someone. Delete me if you don't like my posts. End of story. I do not need to explain myself to anyone.

This sums up how I feel pretty well.

So, do you have any Facebook Police in your life?