Friday, March 13, 2015

Worst Case Scenario

Ever since I can remember I have been a worrier. Everything that happens, I always go to the worst case scenario in my head. I do not know why I am like this. It could be because I had a lot of family members die as a child, my mom was in the hospital with internal bleeding when I was young, and I also have anxiety.

Logic always tells me I am being ridiculous, but still, my mind goes there.

Any sort of  danger, injury or illness equals imminent death.

The roads are icy...we're gonna go off the road, freeze.... and die.

My baby has pneumonia... she's gonna stop breathing...and die.

A kid hits his head... he's gonna get a brain bleed...and die.

My husband gets infected knee bursitis...the infection is gonna spread to his blood... and he's gonna die.

I have a toothache... I need a root canal, or infection which will spread to my brain and I will die.

A kid has a fever...It's meningitis...she will die.

I have a mouth sore...It's cancer...I'm gonna die.

I have a sore throat... It's cancer...I'm gonna die.

My husband has a bump on his tongue...It's cancer...He's gonna die.

I have a pain in my ribs...It's a tumor, yep cancer...dead.

Then there are minor things I blow up to be worse than they are.

A kid is puking. Everyone will get sick and be violently puking for weeks. We are going to miss everything we have going on.

My head itches....It's lice, all of us surely have lice, we won't be able to get rid of it and we will have to burn the house down.

My elbow hurts... I have tennis elbow.

My wrists hurt...I have carpal tunnel.


I have diarrhea...
It's a stomach virus,
everyone else is gonna get it too.

Someone in my child's class is sick...they will get sick and all my kids will get sick also.

Money is tight...we're gonna be homeless, living in a tent and starving.

My husband is late...He got in an accident.

The van is making a funny noise...we're gonna get stranded.

The van is pulling to the left... I have a flat tire.

The washing machine is acting's gonna break down.

The water pressure is weird...we need all new plumbing.

The heater smells weird...the house is gonna burn down while we sleep.

When my kids do something wrong it is an indication that the behavior will turn into something much worse.

Stealing a brownie...Stealing cars.

Lying about stealing a brownie...Lying about doing drugs, having sex, bad grades, etc.

Disobeying by stealing brownie...Disobeying and sneaking out of the house.

Screen addiction...Drug and alcohol addiction.

Problems with schoolwork...Flunking out of school or finishing but messing up at work, and getting fired. In either scenario, the child will end up with no job living in my basement into their forties.

See, I'm really good at this worst case scenario stuff!!!

Tell me, what worst case scenario do you imagine?