Friday, September 25, 2015

The Misunderstood Child

I have a misunderstood child. Perhaps you also have one. My hope is that others can begin to see him the way I do, to notice his strengths instead of his weaknesses. I am not sure how to help others to see them, except to explain what I see.

You see distraction... I see attention to surroundings.
You see stubbornness... I see persistence.
You see daydreaming... I see imagination.
You see disobedience... I see creativity.
You see fidgeting... I see abundant energy.
You see impulsivity... I see adventurousness.
You see a chatterbox... I see a social child.
You see rambunctiousness... I see playfulness.
You see procrastination... I see planning.
You see emotional... I see caring.

There are many irritating things you see that are true, but they cause you to miss a lot of good qualities. There are many other traits you may never see because they aren't outwardly very noticeable. You can see them though, if you look hard enough.

He shows compassion to others.
He is very affectionate.
He is helpful.
He includes everyone.
He is super organized.
He is exceptionally observant.
He remembers everything.
He is easily entertained, and never complains of boredom.
He is very optimistic.
He overcomes obstacles easily and just accepts things the way they are.

We all need to look harder at the misunderstood child, and work to see all the amazing traits they possess. Let's all work toward understanding together. Who's with me?

Do you have a misunderstood child?