Monday, September 28, 2015

I Gained Weight From Not Eating Enough!

Five and a half years ago I got a virus that killed my appetite and caused severe stomach issues. It got so bad that I could only eat if I was at home because I needed easy access to the bathroom at a moments notice. I began only eating at night. In the process I lost 40 pounds. The stomach issues lasted 8 months straight. When they finally went away I still had no appetite so I still only ate a night. I was slowly killing my metabolism.My body was in starvation mode.

 Over the next 5 years I slowly gained back all the weight. I am now heavier than I have ever been (besides during pregnancy). I am pissed about this. I did not ask to get sick. I did not ask to lose my appetite. I did not ask to kill my metabolism. But that is exactly what happened. I am now 15 pounds overweight. I have never in nearly 40 years been overweight.

I now find myself in a position where I need to force myself to eat to get my metabolism working again and to hopefully lose 25 pounds. I despise eating. All this time I have been doing it just to stay alive, and it turns out, I was only making things worse. It is very depressing to be in this position.

I have found out there are certain Food Combinations that help you lose weight, and that you need to eat right away when you get up and every 3 hours throughout the day. I do not want to do it, but if I don't I am only going to get fatter. I never imagined eating less would cause me to gain weight, but that is exactly what happened. This is going to be a long uphill battle and I fear that after, and if, I lose the weight it will only come back unless I never eat anything yummy ever again for the rest of my life. At the moment I hate myself and I am in shock, and I really do not want to face something so life altering. On a positive note, the first five days I was eating frequently, I lost 3 pounds. REALLY??? So weird! I hope that trend continues!

Have you ever faced an unexpected weight gain? What did you do?