Friday, October 2, 2015

11 Ways My 11 Year Old Daughter Is A Better Mom To My Kids Than I Am

  1. She makes food the kids like. Mine, not so much.
  2. She plays with the girls. I prefer to talk to them or watch them play.
  3. She is willing to help the girls pick out cute outfits for school and style their hair.
      I have them wear whatever is clean, and tell them to just brush their hair.
  4. She lets the girls wear make-up, I do not.
  5. She can get them to clean somehow. For me it's like pulling teeth.
  6. She is nicer, and doesn't yell. Yelling is my go-to strategy.
  7. When she babysits, she has them to bed on time. Me-never!
  8. She reads with expression. Me- in monotone.
  9. She enjoys helping the girls with homework and does projects with them.
      I would rather claw my own eyes out.
10. She helps the girls use the computer. I tell them to figure it out.
11. She helps the girls make up dance routines. I just watch.

This little lady is amazing! She is creative, fun, responsible, imaginative and patient. I really hit the jackpot with this one! I am looking forward to seeing how well she turns out. There is no doubt in my mind, this chic is going places!

Do you have an extra amazing child? Tell me about it!