Monday, October 12, 2015

Is Five Kids a Lot of Kids?

I think it is all relative. If you look at the average number of children per family over the last 100 years, it has stayed around two. Nearly 3 (2.63) in the 1960's and almost down to one in current times (1.13). Going by this figure, the answer is a definite yes, five kids is a lot of kids.

Then if you look at how many siblings each parent has, the answer looks quite different. I had 5 siblings growing up. My husband had 4 siblings. So when we planned for four kids, that seemed a little small to me. I ended up with five because twins. Going by family history, the answer is no way. Five kids is not a lot of kids.

Most people that grew up with many siblings still go on to have just 1-3, but they don't seem to think 4 -6 kids is too many because they grew up that way.

Most people that grew up with one or no siblings look at these families and think we are cray-cray a little bit. Maybe we are.

The point is yes, by societies standards, I suppose we do have a lot of kids, but not so many that it seems ridiculous.

By my own standards, I feel like we have just a normal sized family, because we are used to it.

There are advantages and disadvantages though.


  • Built in friends
  • Minimal boredom
  • Hand-me-downs a plenty
  • Parental experience
  • Someone always available to help a sibling
  • Learning responsibility at a young age
  • Many helpers
  • Never a dull moment
  • Enough people for any game
  • Lots and lots of love


  • Food bill is ridiculous
  • Noise
  • Messes
  • Never enough time
  • Homework x 5
  • Lots of running around
  • Overlapping schedules
  • Need to drive a minivan
  • Never enough money
  • School shopping adds debt
There are many more advantages and disadvantages, but the main point is that I do not ever feel put upon by my number of children and I never feel like it is a lot until someone says I have a lot. To me they are just five little blessings!

It's all relative people. Tell me, how many kids do you define as "a lot of kids"?