Monday, July 6, 2015

The Cookie Disaster of 2015

I have been baking chocolate chip cookies for over a quarter century. I have never messed up the dough, and once in a while I may burn a batch, but this time, it was a major disaster!

My daughter had her friend over. They asked to make cookies. I did not want to help them. They assured me I would not need to help. That was a joke. Head my warning: When your 11 year old and her friend want to make cookies and they assure you they don't need any help, do not believe them. If you do agree to let them make cookies, be prepared to over see the entire event, and expect ruined cookies. 

My daughter found a recipe and began taking out ingredients. There were not enough chocolate chips, so we improvised and chopped up Hershey bars. I wondered if there would be enough brown sugar and the flour looked sparse but we started to make the cookies.

My daughters friend got egg all over the counter and the floor in the process of cracking them. They had trouble beating them so I "helped". Then I cleaned up the salmonella encrusted counter and floor before we moved on. When we had to cream the butter, sugar and egg, that was an issue too, so I "helped". After we added the dry ingredients the dough looked a little soupy but I figured we followed the recipe so it must be fine. I baked the first batch and the cookies all melted into a thin crispy around the edges, chewy in the center rectangle. I then needed to go to the store to get flour to "fix" the remaining dough.

The girls ate the "ruined" cookies while I fixed the dough. I had a bit too, and it was crispy, chewy, greasy, chocolatey goodness! After I made a batch of the "fixed" cookies I was informed that the "ruined" ones tasted better!

Two hours, and a lot of laughs later, we had 6 dozen fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!

Tell me your worst cookie disaster. Did you eat the ruined batch?