Friday, April 10, 2015

Hey Bloggers, Quit Bitching About Facebook!

Every single day I see a Facebook status that looks like this or similar:

"Facebook only showed my last post to 3754 people instead of all 196,208 of my followers! WAH WAH WAH! Facebook is an asshole and it sucks! I'm not rich so I can't pay to promote my page. Please help me by liking, commenting on and sharing this post so more people will see my stuff!"
Ok, I get it. Facebook doesn't show enough people our posts. It is frustrating. Even though that is true, and it sucks balls, we cannot bitch about it. There are several reasons we shouldn't and here are just a few.

1. It doesn't work.
Chances are this status will be shown to the same people that already like share and comment because that it how it works. I have fallen into this trap and it did nothing for my numbers.

2. It is annoying.
As a blogger it annoys me, so I can only imagine what a non-blogger thinks when they see it.

3. It sounds desperate.
When I did this it felt so icky to do, like I am not being true to myself. Sounding desperate and whiny makes people want to unfollow you, especially if it is a common occurrence.

4. Facebook is FREE.
Any exposure we get is all gravy. It should not be an expectation.

5. Facebook is a business. 
Of course they are going to try to make money any way they know how. Asking us to pay to promote is a smart business move. They could even expect us to pay to just have a page that is not a personal one. We should be grateful business pages are (still) FREE!

6. The algorithm  makes your personal news feed better.
The people control what they see. If they like your stuff and are active on your posts they will see more of it, if they are not, Facebook won't show it to them.

7. Before Facebook bloggers had to work harder to get a following.
Again, Facebook exposure is a bonus for us, an extra vehicle to drive our blog into more peoples lives.

There are other things you can do instead of posting a status like the one above.

1. Ask friends to like your page and share your posts.
2.Share posts in groups.
3.Share posts on your personal page.
4. Set up an e-mail subscription service for your followers.
5. Post a status about how to get notifications for your page and how to set up an interest page that posts will show up on.
6. Try posting on other social media such as Twitter, G+, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.
7. Post a positive post saying the exact thing as the above post!
"Hey friends! If you like this post and are missing a lot of my awesome stuff, just like, comment, or share so Facebook knows you love me and shows you more!"

Bloggers, please do not hate me if you are one of those that does this. You can do what you want to. This is purely my opinion and I am not an expert by any stretch of imagination. I am fairly new to this so I am not claiming to know anything. Love to you all! You rock!