Monday, April 27, 2015

Yep, I'm Lazy! Sorry-Not Sorry

I have five kids. They keep me busy from 3-10 daily. Before everyone went to school I was busy all day cleaning, doing meals and entertaining them. For twelve years I ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off. When they all went to school I decided to do whatever I want to while they are gone.

This is what a typical weekday looks like for me:
645: Get the kids up and deal with the Morning Madness.
745: Arrive home, drink coffee and read my devotions
845: Go back to bed for three hours
1145: Get up and read, write, and eat

145: Do a few small chores, make phone calls, get organized, and ready for the kids to arrive.
315: Pick up the kids
330: Snacktime
400: Homework Time- Kill me now
600: Deal with Mealtime Mayhem
800: Have a lovely Bedtime Battle with the kids

This is the days we are home and not bath days. Bath and sports days are much busier.

What I do:

  • Laundry-Wash Friday, fold Wednesday, sort Thursday
  • Meals- I only cook Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Leftovers Monday and Thursday, Pizza Friday and we are gone Tuesday so fast food.
  • Dishes-Once daily
  • Baths-Twice a week
  • Pick up clutter-Daily

What I don't do:

  • Vacuum-Husband does this once every two weeks
  • Clean the entire bathroom-Spot clean only as needed
  • Mop floors-Done about twice a year
  • Dust- Never have, never will, except the TV to see it better
  • Windows-Inside only, once a year

I am sure I am missing a bunch of things I don't bother doing, but you get the idea. I am LAZY and I an NOT sorry, not one bit. No one gets old and says "Oh my, I wish I had cleaned more" This year I have been calmer and enjoyed myself much more than the previous years, and for that I am very glad!

How about you? Are you a LAZY mom too?