Monday, April 13, 2015

Why are Kids so Accident Prone?:Stories from the Emergency Room

A few nights ago at my latest trip to the ER with a child, I began to think about all the times I have taken a child to the Emergency Room for injury and I realized it was 10 times! Ten times in 12 years. I have another 12 years left of parenting these children, so I wonder how many more times I will end up there. Will it be another 10? Who's to say?

I decided to describe them for you here, so many ridiculous injuries! My boys have each been there 4 times for broken bones or stitches, my oldest daughter only once for a broken bone and one of my twins only once for stitches. Miraculously my youngest has not been to the ER at all.

2003: My firstborn (10 months) dived out of my arms off the couch and scraped his head on a crate we were using for toys. I was a paranoid mom so I took him in and they put ointment on it!

2004: My son (nearly 2) and I were out for a walk. I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I tried to hold my son's hand and he pulled away from me, fell, and banged his face on the curb. He chipped a tooth, which later would be pulled, and ended up with 12 stitches inside his mouth from the broken tooth ripping open his cheek.

2006: I was trying to wash my sons face (4 yrs old) and he got mad, pulled away and fell off the chair and cut his head open on the heater. 4 stitches that time.My daughter was a newborn at the time.

2007: My son (almost 5) decided to stand on a go cart to reach an apple off the tree and the little girl driving took off just as he was reaching for it. He seemed fine so we went to the zoo the next day. He did not use his arm all day so when we were done at the zoo we went to the ER. Yep, broken!

2008: I was pregnant with twins, trying to give 3 kids baths. I quickly washed up the youngest (1 1/2) and put him outside the bathroom door, pointed to his dad and said "go see daddy" and quickly shut the door so the other 2 kids would not get cold. He had turned around and grabbed the hinge side of the door. I heard a crunch and crying and quickly opened the door, picked him up and assessed the situation. His pinky was severed nearly through, hanging on by skin. You could flip it like a hinge. He needed stitches and was hysterical the entire time.

2008: I had just brought home my newborn twins the previous day when we heard my son (2)  bawling. My husband went to get him and found his lip was bit completely through. He was trying to climb the bunk bed ladder and slipped. His dad and grandma took him to the ER and I was left alone with newborn twins, a 4 and 5 year old. I was very nervous. He ended up getting the glue instead of stitches, so he was not that upset by the ordeal. I however was very nervous being home alone with the other 4 kids.

2010: My son (4) was sitting on the back of the couch. My older son (8) thought he would "help" by telling him it is dangerous to sit there like that and shoved him off. I had to take him in on my daughters 6th birthday and yep, broken leg. He was in a wheelchair for 8 weeks because he couldn't run the crutches.

2010: 2 weeks later, my oldest was at a friends, I was watching the neighbors daughter. My son did not come home on time, so I took 5 kids with me to go get him. My daughter (6) went directly to the jungle gym and as she was going across, she fell and landed on her elbow. She fell because she did not want to let go of her purse! I called her dad and he came home. I took her in and it was broken, plus she needed a CT scan to be sure there was not cartilage damage (there was not). Poor girl had to learn to write left handed for 5 weeks in the first grade. CPS called my house because we had 2 broken bones in 2 weeks!

2012: My boys were wrestling on the steps and my oldest (10) landed on my youngest (6). His collar bone was broken which can't be casted so he had a sling. It was not easy trying to get him not to use his arm. He is quite the wild one.

2015: This weekend our kids were jumping on the trampoline. My husband had just set it  up that day. They were having a good time throwing pillows up as they jumped. My daughter lost her pillow over the top of it so she went to go get it. I had put old bread out for the birds earlier that day. The neighbors dog was eating it. My daughter (6) bent down to get her pillow,touched the dogs paw inadvertently and disturbed it. The dog attacked her face. This was the worst ER visit yet. She only needed 3 stitches but she has a ton of swelling and bruising.

Tell me, How many trips have you taken to the ER for your children's injuries?