Monday, August 3, 2015

8 Rules for Dating My Daughters or Sons

I have seen the rules for dating my daughter posts and the rebuttals. I have sons and daughters.The stereotypes about boys are not always correct. Neither are the stereotypes about girls. How about we just have rules for dating our children regardless of gender? There are many that would be the same for me whether you are dating my daughters or my sons.

  1. Consent is everything. If my child says no, do not do whatever he/she is saying no to. Ask permission and never make assumptions
  2. Be respectful. Speak kindly. Show good manners. Don't lash out if something doesn't go your way.
  3. Get to know us, the parents. When you pick my child up, come to the door. Don't honk the horn. Talk to us for a few minutes before leaving.
  4. Don't be late.  Be on time picking my child up, and also dropping him/her off. Punctuality is a good show of  character.
  5. Don't be cheap. Have the money to bring my child on a proper date. If you don't, don't ask.
  6. Don't be greedy. If my child asks you out don't order the most expensive item on the menu or ask for gifts just to see what you can get.
  7. Watch your words. Don't call my child names or talk down to him/her. This sets up a bad expectation of dating and a pattern of accepting this kind of treatment may take shape.
  8. Be safe. Wear your seat belt and have my child wear his/hers. Drive the speed limit. Don't drink and drive. Don't bring my child to dangerous or risky places. If you decide to have sex always use protection, every single time.

What rules would you add for dating your daughters or sons?