Monday, August 31, 2015

NO- I am NOT Ready for School to Start!

I have seen a million posts about how thrilled parents are to have their kids back in school. I however, am not. There are several reasons for this:

  • Schedules: I despise schedules. I enjoy having no agenda in the summertime.
  • Bedtime: I have to start having/enforcing a regular bedtime. No more letting the kids behavior dictate whether they need to go to bed or not.
  • Early Morning Wake-Up Time: I enjoy sleeping in and also letting the children decide when to get up, whether that means they get up early, or around lunch time. Everyone wakes up whenever they want to, including me. I detest having to drag them reluctantly out of bed.
  • Activities: Sports start when school starts, which makes me the taxi. Trying to cram dinner, baths, and homework sometime between activities sucks.
  • Homework: I hate homework, and mostly, I hate that I can no longer help them when they get stuck. Their homework is way beyond my ability, with the first graders homework being the only exception.
  • Laundry: During summer, it's play clothes or PJs all the time, and they wear them over at least once. With school they have an outfit a day plus sports gear and play clothes to wash.
  • Bathtime: Instead of bathing once or twice a week, the kids need to bathe every other day during the school year. It somehow takes the 5 of them 3 hrs to bathe, which eats up entire evenings. I am the one who always ends up gathering the dirty clothes, draining the tub, and hanging up towels.
  • Paperwork: It seems there are loads and loads of papers to go through and fill out on a daily basis. It's a huge time suck.
  • No More Summer Fun: The days of swimming, fairs, bike rides, trips, and running around outside all day are a thing of the past. WAAAHHHH!!
  • It's Expensive: School supplies, school clothes and shoes, field trips, sports, holiday party donations, fund raisers, book fairs, birthday invites, band instruments, concert attire... it's enough to put parents in the poor house. 
  • They get a year older every school year: They grow up so much in a school year, it seems like I blink and they are a bigger kid. Why can't they just stay little forever?
  • I Miss Them: Believe it or not, I miss being able to tell the kids whatever I want to whenever I want to. Also I miss cuddle time, cute things they do and say. and having a family TV day once in a while. It is so lonely when I am at home by myself.

See, maybe I am a FREAK, but there are a
lot of reasons to despise the start of school!