Monday, August 17, 2015

Butthurt Epidemic

I am not sure what it is, but I am noticing a lot more butthurt than usual lately. I can only conclude that it is a contagious disease and that it is spreading like wild fire. I really do not know what is going on, but is seems people are taking others opinions personally and treating it as a personal attack against them.

In case you are not familiar with the term, Urban Dictionary defines the term as follows:

NEWSFLASH: EVERYTHING is not about you. People are allowed to have a differing opinion than you and it has noting to do with you personally.

We live in America, the land of the free. People are allowed the freedom of speech the constitution granted us. Somehow though, people are becoming more and more afraid to say what they think for fear some butthurt person is going to do something rash.

The butthurt is strong these days, and I do not know why. Maybe it is because everything is becoming so PC that it shocks people when others say exactly what they think. GASP! "How could they! Now I am all butthurt."

There is a solution though: IGNORE the stuff you don't like. End of story.

There are many ways to do this:

  1. Don't hang around those who make you feel butthurt.
  2. Unfriend people on Facebook that make you feel butthurt.
  3. Unfollow pages that post things that cause your butthurt.
  4. Learn how to be more accepting of differing opinions, and less butthurt.
There are things you should NOT do if you are butthurt also:

  1. Report the persons post.
  2. Make mean and nasty comments.
  3. Talk about how horrible the person that caused your butthurt is.
  4. Judge the butthurt causer.
I refuse to quit speaking my mind because someone may not like it. I say what I think and if someone doesn't like it they don't need to associate with me. Oh and also, if you don't like what I have to say, just don't read my blog! That is the easiest solution yet.

Are you noticing a lot more butthurt than usual lately?