Monday, August 24, 2015

What's With the Slouchy Beanie? It's Summertime!

A few weeks ago, the kids and I were watching Big Brother and I asked them why Vanessa is always wearing a winter hat. It is summertime! The 12 year old looked at me like I was an alien with two heads! He then explained it is a slouchy beanie, and that kids wear them year round. He then told me he wants one.

When did this become a thing? Where have I been? Who decided this was a good idea, and how in the world did it take off? Clearly I am not on the up and up with the current trends!

I started searching Amazon, and I decided these are actually very cute. I was searching for one for my 12 yr old boy, when I came across a lot of cute crocheted ones for women. I am now going to get one for myself also, but I intend to only wear it between October and April.

Wearing these in the summer is about the stupidest thing I have seen people wear. It would be equivalent to wearing a winter coat or mittens in the summer. No one would do that. So why the hat? Don't people who wear these in summertime get sweaty itchy heads?

I do not get it, at all, but they are very very cute, FOR WINTER!

I will continue to ask myself  "What's with the slouchy beanie in the summer?!"

What do you think? Summer attire, or strictly for winter?